A Message from Virginia Beach CVB Director
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Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Partners and Colleagues:

The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau's "Summer Smarter" initiative has been continuously receiving partner engagement since its launch in late May. We wish to thank all of you who have already taken the pledge to “Summer Smarter” in 2020.

As many of you are aware, the “Summer Smarter” initiative was developed to offer our valued local business partners a chance to share their new cleanliness protocols with visitors so they will feel comfortable while in Virginia Beach. Click HERE to see how the “Summer Smarter” landing page found on our official tourism website (VisitVirginiaBeach.com) is developing. This page is updated each time a new submission is received. For those who have not yet taken advantage of this free CVB marketing opportunity, we encourage you to do so.

“Summer Smarter” submissions are processed through our Partner Pipeline platform. While there are many of you already engaged with the Partner Pipeline, we'd like to see all of our partners involved. If you have not yet registered your business on this platform, you may do so HERE

Once you have received your credentials for the Partner Pipeline, you can then move forward with your “Summer Smarter” submission. Please see the instructions below on how to enter to submission. After you have submitted your “Summer Smarter” pledge, keep an eye out for your confirmation email. 


1. Log in to your Partner Pipeline account.

2. On the Home Screen, under  Marketplace, press “Learn More.”

3. Next, press “Register” to be taken to the screen to add your information.

4. Make sure to press "Add New Offer" under the “Summer Smarter Pledge” section of the form.

5. Finally, press “Submit” and we will be notified of your submission.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone that full access remains available to the “We’re Open” summer campaign toolkit. Download logos, signage files, and more at http://www.visitvirginiabeach.com/toolkit

Email our team at VBPPL@VisitVirginiaBeach.com if you have any questions. 



Ron Kuhlman
Interim Director, Virginia Beach CVB
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