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Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau

Good Friday morning!

As the summer comes to an end, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

As you may know, the City Council has charted a CVB Community Task Force to evaluate possibly transitioning the CVB to a new governance and management structure. The task force will consider three distinct alternatives and make a recommendation to the City Council on the best possible structure. The alternatives include:

• Remain within City government

• Hybrid public-private foundation or authority

• Public-private non-profit

In addition, the Task Force will provide input to the City concerning the qualities sought in a new CVB CEO. They also will consider whether the Convention Center and CVB’s Resort Management Department should remain under City authority or transition to the new recommended management structure.

The Task Force has been formed in a time of historic challenges for the visitor economy. The group intends to lay a “cornerstone” for the future of the organization. The Task Force members consider the CVB to be an extremely valuable economic asset which should embody shared community values. Its members represent over 14,000 employees working in the visitor economy who generate $4 billion in annual economic impact.

Those of us in the tourism industry realize the community’s quality of life is enhanced by the visitor economy, and its economic impact positively effects every resident of Virginia Beach…family, friends and neighbors.

Regardless of what the final CVB structure will involve…remaining within government, converting to a hybrid-model, or a public-private nonprofit…it's an economic imperative the CVB governance and management structure be realigned.

As this process unfolds, I’ll keep our valued stakeholders updated on developments and decisions.

Lastly, we are happy to announce that Virginia Beach will be hosting the 2020 All-America National Championships at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex and the Virginia Beach Sports Complex in, October 16–18 2020. Kudos to the CVB sports marketing team!

Have a great weekend!


Bill Hanbury, CVB Executive Advisor


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